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VfL Wolfsburg carry out their Winter training in Marbella

Dzeko to undergo medical ahead of Manchester City's contest at Arsenal

VfL Wolfsburg carry out their Winter training in Marbella
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VfL Wolfsburg is preparing for the second period of the Bundesliga in prestigious Marbella. Tuesday, 10.30am & the coach arrived punctually at the training ground. With 22 degrees & sunny you would expect to meet happy faces, but the mood of VFL was on the floor. Part of the fault was also Dzekoís because he should be on an island. Our press colleagues from Sport Bild informed us this morning that it was only a case of sorting out minor details between Dzeko & Manchester City. has found out that Dzeco & Manchester have now reached an agreement, but itís a case of finding a replacement for VFL. And at the moment they havenít found anybody, which possibly could mean that there wonít be any change until the summer. This situation makes it even more difficult for the trainer McClaren. Can he study his tactics with or without Dzeco? This morning Dzeco was training with his A team, but after the warm up session he was taken off sick.

The mood of the team doesnít appear to be very good & if this week of training in Marbella is really going to change anything, itís difficult to imagine after what weíve seen today.

On the 7th of January in the MPFS at 3.30pm there is a friendly match between VFL Wolfsburg & Borussia Moenchengladbach.

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