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Latest News from Andalusia

Winter 2017 in Spain

Palma de Mallorca minus 0.2 degrees - Tazacorte 27.1 degrees

The NOAA predicts Spring on the Costa del Sol

Andaluz TV News
Malaga © andaluz.tv
On Saturday, in La Palma, it was again like summer with 27.1 degrees in Tazacorte. In Andalusia it was Velez-Malaga the warmest place with 19 degrees. The Airport of Vitoria Gasteiz was registering an incredible minus 10.1 degrees.

Sunday at 09.30 hours:

Palma de Mallorca was registering this morning minus 0.2 degrees. Madrid minus 4.1 degrees & Granada minus 2.8 degrees. Malaga reached 9.3 degrees & in Mogán (Gran Canaries) 22.7 degrees.

Malaga will not get hotter than 16 degrees. It will remain cold & mainly sunny.

Prediction for the coming week

The effects of the cold front will also reach the Costa del Sol. Especially at night it will be colder in Malaga with temperatures falling to 4 degrees. During the day they will not get higher than 18 degrees.

End of January, Summer on the Costa del Sol?

A United States weather agency service NOAA is predicting a high probability that on the Costa del Sol there could be summer heat in the last week of January. A thick warm front from the southwest could take control and bring temperatures of around 22 degrees.

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