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Parque Animal Torremolinos

Three years & nine months prison for the Director

For mistreating domestic animals and falsifying official documents

Andaluz TV News
The Criminal Court number 14 of Malaga has condemned the Director of the animal protection association of Malaga, Animal Park, to three years & nine months prison for the continued crime of mistreating domestic animals and another crime of falsifying official documents such as the payment of a fine of 19,800 euros. Also has been condemned, as a neccesary complice, a worker of the association to a sentence of one year in prison for the continous crime of mistreating domestic animals & also a fine of 3,600 euros for the continous crime of being an unqualified professional.

The sentence considered proven that from 2008 to at least 2010 those accused had sacrificed domestic animals which were in the instalations of the association without any type of control. According to the resolution, the Director of the Parque Animal “gave the instructions & carried out the crimes, with the neccesary collaboration” of the worker of the association also condemned.

It was pointed out that those accused carried out the sacrifice of healthy animals of different breeds –fundamentally cats and dogs-, “without any veterinary control, knowing the suffering they were inflicting”. The Director of the association was injecting the animals, without previous sedation, with euthanizing products, meanwhile the worker was holding down the animals.
The accused, also, “was administering a smaller dosis of medicine than that recommended to prevent a painless death, and also injecting into the muscles instead of the bloodstream causing a much slower and more painful death”. All this pointed to the acts being totally unjustified, given that the Animal Park “had sufficient materials and staff to have carried out the procedures without causing any suffering”.

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