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Latest News from Andalusia

Malaga - Costa del Sol

Today will be a spring day

Sun and 20 degrees Celsius are announced

Andaluz TV News
Benalmadena © andaluz.tv
Malaga airport reports 13,1 degrees Celsius at 07:00 am. The wind blows with 35 km/h from NW.

In the morning hours, there are still some clouds, but the sun will come through during midday and we will receive mild 20 degrees Celsius then.

You should definitely enjoy this day, since a cold front will push from the North towards the Costa del Sol as of Friday. But more details will follow later on.

Here, the current values from 07:00 am:

- Granada Airport 0,6 degrees

- Seville Airport 5,2 degrees

- Almeria Airport 15,3 degrees

- Cordoba Airport 2,2 degrees

- Jerez de la Frontera Airport 7,5 degrees

- Tarifa 13,2 degrees

- Torremolinos 13,4 degrees

- Madrid Airport 9,7 degrees

- Alicante Airport 12,1 degrees

- Valencia Airport 9,7 degrees

- Palma de Mallorca Airport 10,6 degrees

- La Palma Airport 19,2 degrees

- Teneriffa Sur Airport 16,5 degrees

- Lanzarote Airport 16,6 degrees

- Fuerteventura Airport 17,1 degrees

- Gran Canaria Airport 17,4 degrees

- Mogan Port 15,2 degrees

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