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Latest News from Andalusia

Malaga - Costa del Sol - Axarquia

As of Sunday, it will rain again

The reservoirs need precipitation urgently

Andaluz TV News
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At the end of November 2016, the situation was really threatening in the province of Malaga. The reservoirs reported the biggest water shortage and the fear of a blackout in summer 2017 was huge. By now, the situation has calmed down a little bit, after numerous days of rain, Malaga-city's responsable reservoir "El Limonero" reports a filling of 39,4%. The reservoir "La Vinuela", responsable for Axarquia, reports 37,6%.

But historical record figures in tourism and agriculture lead to an unprecedented water consumption, which is why it would be preferable to confront summer 2017 with a filling of at least 50%. Unfortunately, there are no noticeable projects concerning the construction of sewage-works planned for 2017, in order to organise an intelligent water management

For this reason, the newly emerging rain front on Sunday is an urgent necessity. Even though no very huge rain amounts are expected to fall the following week, a few litres will surely accumulate again.

The good news are that it won't be very cold. Despite rain, the temperatures will be around 15 to 19 degrees Celsius.

The latest measurements and forecasts, of course, on andaluz.tv-weather and in our weather ticker

Graphic: Stausee El Limonero

Graphic: La Vinuela

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