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Easter Week in Malaga

Hotel prices were cheaper

The Boom provokes price rises

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Without doubt, the Easter period in Malaga is one of the most beautiful. Dozens of thousands enjoy during Easter Week the numerous processions in the city. The city shows it’s most quiet & pensive face, something that has to be experienced.

Of course, Malaga is a growing city that has become the meeting point of the Mediterranean, but consequently the monthly living cost has increased & the hotels have increased their prices.

If one looks at the website Trivago, staying in a hotel from the 9th to the 16th of April 2017 in Malaga, you can see that the cost is high. Naturally one has to take into consideration that anyone interested is going to receive an offer based on their user profile & for each offer one has to reserve different services, but to sum up 7 nights in Malaga is not for everyones pocket.

Example: The Hotel Vincci with 4 stars in Calle Pacífico costs at least 208 euros per night in a double room. The 5 star Hotel Vincci in the centre of the city costs 326 euros per night in a double room.

A persuading offer is that of the Hilton Garden Inn, in the centre of the city. There, currently, they are offering a double room for 84 euros per night.

If we look at momondo, the cost in the Vincci in Calle Pacífico is 174 euros
per night in a double room & in the Vincci in the centre 311 euros.

Although the prices are still expensive, it shows that it’s worthwhile comparing prices on the internet.

Advice: Always open various search engines, if possible with different navigators. Oblige the companies to compete. You can always assume that the programs know what you are searching for and what is convenient.

© andaluz.tv

© andaluz.tv

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