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Latest News from Andalusia

Malaga - Costa del Sol

The week starts with 25 °C

Winter will return as of Thursday

Andaluz TV News
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Monday starts with a powerful sunrise in Malaga. The intensity of the colours is favoured by a thin field of clouds which won't disappear everywhere at the Costa del Sol throughout the day. However, the temperatures will reach +- 25 degrees Celsius in Malaga. Nothing will therefore get in the way of enjoying the day at the beach. The sea temperature amounts approx. 14 degrees in Malaga.

It is almost windless, not more than 10 km/h have been measured. The air humidity amounts only 47%.

Forecast for the week:

A cold front is currently pushing from the North Atlantic towards Andalusia and will be arriving on Wednesday evening. As of Thursday, the cold front will make sure that the temperatures will be significantly fresher. There will be rain and fresh snow at altitudes of 1,000 metres. The maximum value will then only amount 15 degrees Celsius.

All current measurements (rain amount, wind, temperatures) and newest forecasts are available on andaluz.tv-weather. The current graphics, like rain radar, cloud radar, etc., available in our weather-ticker!

Isobar map from Monday 07:00 am. Cold front from the north on its way to Andalusia

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