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Malaga - Costa del Sol - Andalusia - Spain

Levante takes command

Storm and 5-metre-high waves

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On Tuesday, Cordoba and Sevilla were with 34 degrees Celsius the warmest regions in Andalusia and throughout Spain. Malaga reached 21 degrees.

Today's Wednesday will bring the weather change in Andalusia during the course of the day. A wind will pull up in the province of Cadiz and in the northwest of the province of Malaga and will sweep across the region with a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The waves will clearly increase at the coastline of the province of Cadiz and will reach heights of up to 5 metres.

There is a misty weather in Malaga and at the Costa del Sol and the temperatures will reach maximally 21 degrees Celsius.

The forecast for Thursday

The wind will continue to intensify in Cadiz and will most definitely uproot one or another tree with more than 100 km/h. A storm warning has been issued for the Costa del Sol as well. The waves will be reaching heights of 4-5 metres and the storm is said to reach maximum speeds of 80 km/h.

All current measurements (rain amount, wind, temperatures) and newest forecasts are available on andaluz.tv-weather. The current graphics, like rain radar, cloud radar, etc., available in our weather-ticker!

Current storm map for Wednesday

Storm map for Thursday

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