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Latest News from Andalusia

Torremolinos - Costa del Sol

Excavators are fixing the beach

A storm tide is currently pulling up

Andaluz TV News
For years now, andaluz.tv has been lamenting the fact that it makes absolutely no sense to backfill and fix the beach for millions of euros around the Easter time. Up until the end of May, you always have to expect another storm tide which of course affects the beaches significantly.

Several mayoralties have backfilled new sand for Easter and the works have now also begun in Torremolinos (La Carihuela) this morning.

A glance at andaluz.tv's weather forecast of Tuesday and Wednesday would have been enough to realize that the works in Torremolinos really could have waited for a bit longer. The waves already started to increase significantly in the afternoon and are said to reach up to 4-5 metres on Thursday, taking all the sand at the Costa del Sol back into the sea.

But who cares about this mismanagement in the coastal planning. The truth is that Brussels will receive an excuse talking about "unforseen weather events" and Brussels will then find another special fund with European tax revenues and will pay for this madness.

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