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Latest News from Andalusia

Fuengirola – Andalusia

Fuengirola launches the campaign “STOP MANTA” in defence of local merchants

The Townhall will distribute 13,000 leaflets & stickers in the form of the international traffic sign for STOP

Andaluz TV News
The mayores of Fuengirola, Esperanza Oña, announced the launch of the campaign of citizen awareness in defence of the legal local businesses, which would be called “STOP MANTA”. As she explained, faced with the major increase of illegal street selling on the Costa del Sol & the principal tourist destinations in Spain, the Townhall wants to inform the citizens and make them aware of the damage being done to local businesses, the unemployed & the tourist image in general by these mafia run street selling operations.

The campaign aims to raise public awareness about the damage being done to businesses in any city if people buy goods from these street sellers who locate themselves in the busiest zones of the city. “The intention is not to go against anybody, but to avoid the increase of this type of submerged economy by public awareness to the fact that both the citizens and tourists can reduce this illegal street selling by simply not buying the products”, Oña pointed out.

Therefore the Townhall is going to distribute between the citizens & visitors 10,000 leaflets in the form of the international traffic sign for “STOP”, with the words of “STOP MANTA”, and in addition 3,000 stickers that will be distributed among the establishments of the city.

Oña reminded everyone that “if we don’t buy these products, they will not come here to sell”. “These are people who come, not because they are hungry; on the contrary, they arrive on aeroplanes organized by the mafias to earn easy money & return to their countries with their pockets full of money”, she highlighted.

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