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Poligono Gallery presents the painter and sculptor Jorge Rando

The exhibition will be open from April 4 through June 15 by appointment

Andaluz TV News
Passion is a hot topic at this time of Easter. Poligono Gallery organizes an exhibition of the renowned Malaga-born painter and sculptor Jorge Rando and his work on The Passion. The exhibition will be open from April 4 through June 15 by appointment.

Jorge Rando (Malaga, 1941), established painter and considered one of the leading representatives of neo-expressionism in Spain, uses the Passion of Christ to explore issues that he calls "small passions" referring to the difficulties and sufferings endured by the marginalized and forgotten by society. His series on Africa, Prostitutes, Maternities and the striking Passion of Käthe Kollwitz reflect on this issue, always under Rando's humane approach.

Painter from a young age, Jorge Rando completed his studies in Philosophy in Cologne, Germany, where he focused on centroeuropean philosophy and culture. There he explored the relationship between painting and philosophy, coming into close contact with German Expressionism during the three decades that he ended up spending in Germany. His love for Expressionism took him to search a mind-emptied and emotionally charged stroke, a total spontaneity and purity of a soul expressing itself from the present moment, features all so characteristic of Rando's painting.

The exhibition at Poligono gallery will show key works examining the theme of The Passion in Rando's painting. From The Passion of Christ in his final days, recurring theme in the History of Art, though Rando clarifies: "It is not a dark Passion, but a passion of light in which Jesus Christ steps down from the cross". In shades of magenta, green and black, with touches of yellow, red and blue, Rando uses his neo-expressionistic language to depict a suffering Christ who represents all humankind.

The exhibition will also show works from his series Prostitutes as well as Maternities, where the artist reflects on the social problem of an uncomfortable and embarrassing reality. Rando shows without condemning, regrets without scandalizing that old scourge of prostitution that preys on women. Faces disfigured by the stroke, vivid colors and structured compositions are some of the features of this series. With this technique Rando communicates an acid critic about society's responsability and shares with the viewer his concern for the women he paints.

In The passion of Käthe Kollwitz, one can appreciate Rando's ascetic gaze and solidarity towards the German sculptor. She is the feminine face of a whole generation punished by the World Wars of the first half of the twentieth century.

Since 2009, Rando has its own open air museum in the Nazari gardens of the Malaga Cathedral, with sculptural works weighting more than two tons in some cases.

This year 2012 ends the construction of the Jorge Rando Museum in Malaga, which will host the artist's work, as well as the Jorge Rando Foundation, focusing on the study of Expressionism in all its facets.

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