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Vinaròs’ Carnival: one of the most spectacular in all of Spain

Vinaròs’ Carnival: one of the most spectacular in all of Spain
It’s carnival season and the Region of Valencia celebrates one of the most spectacular in Spain. Carnaval de Vinaròs begins twelve days before Ash Wednesday and as every year, it has a theme. This year it’s Bollywood. The numerous events entail ten colorful, fun days of music and friendship. Thousands of spectators surrender every year to the color and creativity of the most innovative and astonishing costumes.

The fixing of bows on the troupes’ standards, the announcement of the queens, the two large parades held on the last weekend, the burial of the sardine and many sports, cultural and gastronomy activities transform the streets of this Castellon town into a hotbed of passion and good vibes.

Don’t make any plans between February 17 and 27 if you don’t want to miss one of the most spectacular festivals in the Region of Valencia and Spain. Declared a Festival of Cultural Tourist Interest in the Autonomous Community, this celebration is well known for the quality, amount and originality of the costumes, in whose creation many hours are invested throughout the year. Colors, textures and choreography combine with the distinctive charm of this fishing town at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

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