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We are at your service!

andaluz.tv and the National Police of Málaga are starting a new campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to guarantee to tourists and residents a better access route to the National Police.

Reasons: When something happens to a resident or tourist, he or she has to contact the National Police, however problems can occur due to language difficulties resulting in important facts being misunderstood and not sufficiently communicated. This is just where andaluz.tv wants to try to rectify and assist immediately it's readers.

It doesn’t matter what problems “you” in the province of Málaga may have, if it’s within the field which the National Police are responsible, we at andaluz.tv will record the facts and communicate them to the department responsible, for you..

andaluz.tv is the largest online news gateway in Andalucía in 3 different languages and for that reason, we take great care not to miss anything that happens..!

The National Police is your contact in the following cases:

Robbery, robbery with violence, irruption, violence, prostitution, drugs, blackmail, kidnapping, fraud, crime through internet and social networks, problems with identification documents. Also, in cases of problems with companies and their employees, that are offering a security service.

Our email address for your problem is: problemas@andaluz.tv

A short interview with the Provincial Chief of the National Police, Don Peñalver Olmos, and the owner of andaluz.tv Doña Isabel Carpintier.

andaluz.tv: How did this campaign start and why?

Isabel Carpintier for andaluz.tv:
This service is a great step and a double statement from the Provincial Chief of the National Police in Málaga: A statement to all criminal elements, who the National Police continue fighting against and a signal to all tourists, residents and investors, that here we do everything possible to guarantee security and safety. No crime should be swept under the carpet, and as the Province of Málaga is visited by millions of tourists, the majority groups being British and German, it makes sense that we at andaluz.tv give the Police access to our readers, because we are now operating in 3 different languages.

Don Peñalver Olmos:
The National Police Force is at the service of all citizens who live here or visit, in order to try to guarantee their security and make their life more pleasurable and their stay more enjoyable. In an attempt to prevent any type of crime we are working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with distinctive operatives.

When, despite our preventive actions, any person is the victim of a petty theft or other crime we recommend that they come to our police stations, or make contact with us so that we can help them.

andaluz.tv: What is the procedure?

Isabel Carpintier for andaluz.tv:
Whether a resident or tourist with a problem, if this person feels that for language difficulties they will be unable to communicate properly with the Police, they can contact us. We will look at the case and see up to what point we can assist in communicating the case to the appropriate office.

Don Peñalver Olmos:
Yours means of communication can be a route of contact with us for your readers who do not want to make their way directly to a National Police Station.

Or also through the official web page of the Ministry of the Interior www.policia.es is where you have all the information about making a denounce by telephone, or through Internet and in what languages we can attend people.

Especially for foreign citizens who wish to speak to us anonymously, we have an email address where all information given is treated with strict confidence. Also we can answer people’s questions about security worries. malaga.costadelsol@policia.es

All the important telephone numbers of the different offices:

Malaga 952046200
Marbella 952762601
Estepona 952798300
Torremolinos-Benalmadena 952378720
Fuengirola 952197090
Velez-Malaga 952965100
Ronda 952161220
Antequera 952706350

Airport Police Station 952231620

In all the above areas our emergency telephone number is: 091


*This is a free service without any commitment to our readers and is not a legal advice office. andaluz.tv cannot offer any promises or guarantees, andaluz.tv only communicates your wishes/problems to the appropriate department responsible. andaluz.tv can at any time refuse to help a case and carry out this service without any explications.

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